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A room to relax in, a dining room, a playroom, a room to entertain your friends.  There are lots of reasons to add a conservatory to your home.  There are many designs to choose from but which ever design you decide on you can relax in the knowledge that K Windows will take care of all your needs.

Our in house builders ensure that all aspects of your conservatory are managed by one team.  Choose from brick dwarf walls to match your house, a render finish or reinforced quarter panels.   All options will be discussed and a computer aided design (CAD) drawing supplied to ensure you get the conservatory you have always wanted.

K Windows Conservatories are covered by our 10 year Insurance backed guarantee.


The Victorian is a popular style of conservatory with a versatility that makes it suitable for many house styles.

Its distinguishing architectural feature is a bay front, giving a curved shape.  A steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details can give this style of conservatory a more classical appearance.

The Victorian style is available in;

  • Three facet – a bay front with three main windows creating a more rounded appearance.
  • Five facet – a bay front that has five main windows which give a curved appearance, widely angled for maximum appearance.


The Edwardian is a flat fronted style that offers excellent use of floor space due to the square or rectangular internal shape.   The major benefit of the Edwardian is it allows for the most effective use of your floor area, for positioning the furniture and plants.

Each side of the roof slopes back to the centre and the resulting contemporary style is suited to the majority of properties.


Lean To

The lean-to style is for those who prefer the clean understated lines of a Mediterranean sunroom.  This economical and versatile design is still the most popular. Hipped variations can give the roof a more traditional shape.

This style is ideal for properties with limited space under the eaves or difficult areas.  The pitch of the roof is variable giving the ability to build from a bungalows low pitch up to a 30 degree  slope to match the roof of a terraced or detached house.

Gable Fronted

A gable fronted conservatory adds a sense of grandeur to any home.

With the same angular floor space as an Edwardian, a gable offers excellent use of internal space.

The front panel of the roof remains upright rather than sloping back to the centre as on an Edwardian, this creates a feeling of great height within the conservatory.


P & T Shaped

Individual designs encompassing a variety of the above shapes ideal in larger builds.

Roof Systems

Triple glazed Polycarbonate roofs are available in different finishes to both attract the sun and deflect the heat.  An economical and efficient roof finish.

Our Pilkington Active Glass roofs are hugely popular, ensuring an ambient temperature all year round, reducing noise and flooding the room with light. The self clean coating means that your roof will be clean and smart even in the most inaccessible areas.

All our Conservatories are made to your specific requirements ensuring that whatever the space available there is a design to suit your needs.