Roofline Products - K Windows
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Roofline Products

Wood has been traditionally used to enhance the external features of most houses.  However, it does not have a long life span and requires frequent maintenance.  K Windows is able to offer high qualify UPV-C products which look as good as wood and tried and tested for durability. Roofline products are exposed to the extremes of our British weather and therefore need to be hard wearing, long lasting and, due to its difficult location, low maintenance.

K Windows roofline products are covered by our 10 year Insurance backed guarantee.

Soffits, Fascias & Guttering

K Windows only install high quality UPV-C products giving exceptional weather protection to your property.    All extrusions and fittings are manufactured from high impact, high gloss UPV-C.  Fittings are made from a unique tin based formulation for increased colour stability.  Available in white, black and wood grain.  All installations carry a 10 year colour fastness guarantee.


UPV-C Shiplap cladding is frequently used to clad between bays but may also be used for other areas of your property where wood needs replacing.  Available in white and wood grain.