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Designed to meet the needs of the homeowners, PVC-U is tough, strong and a natural insulator, making it a perfect material for windows, doors and conservatories. 

As PVC-U is durable, it lasts for many years with minimal maintenance, requiring no painting or treatments.  Therefore enhancing the look of your home and ensuring minimal damage to the environment by reducing heating costs.

As environmental awareness continues to gather pace, K Windows profile is one of the leaders in the home improvement market, Kommerling Gold.

Established over a century ago, Kommerling is now the market leader in the manufacture of PVC-U for the window industry.

As with all the company’s products, the Kommerling Gold range comply with, and exceed the requirements of all relevant standards world-wide.

Kommerling systems have been tested to perform in all kinds of extreme conditions.

The Lead free Kommerling gold profile has 5 chambers making it more energy efficient than the 3 chambered system used by most of our competitors.

Now available in a variety of colours including Irish oak, black and grey.

One test took place at 2,300 metres above sea level, with windows exposed for 15 years to strong UV radiation, freezing temperatures and heavy storms.  From window seals, everything proved to be in the same condition at the end of the test period.

From 1st October 2010, Window Energy Rating minimum requirement is now a C rated product, these changes made due to amendments to the Building Regulations.

Thus enabling you the customer to differentiate between the best-performing and worst performing windows at a glance.

At K Windows we have been installing energy efficient windows for many years.  The A rated product is now fitted as standard.